Clearing of the inbox Sunday night brings us today’s Ask Motoringfile. This one sent in by MF Reader (but not yet MINI owner) Brendan.

>You see, I’m not a MINI owner but I want to be in the worst way. I’ve made up my mind to go for a Cooper, BRG white roof… my dream MINI. The only question now is do I hunt down an R50 or order up a custom R56?

Being a huge fan of the R50 myself, an ’05 or ’06 sure would be sweet to have. But with all of the improvement with the R56, it would be tough to decide. Of course, you should drive both to see what you like better.

We talk quite a bit around these parts about the MCS, with very little love for it’s normally aspirated brother. Not many reviews to be found either, so it makes the research tough.

Let’s hear from you MC owners! And the first commenter to crack wise about not getting an MCS gets 3 Monday’s worth of detention and no dessert for a week!