miniTodd and db taking a shot at making a news show.

Looking for gory pictures of Todd’s franken-thumb? It’s in my It’s pretty nasty, so consider yourself warned.

Wingnut calls in (finally) and reports that the Euro Parcel shelf has, in fact, been crash tested and no one was hurt because of it. We also do a pretty good job answering his question about brakes. We also spend some time talking about wheel sizing.

Among the news, we covered this post at Motoringfile, where I asked what’s so hot about all-wheel drive. Besides wanting/needing it for safety in bad weather or racing in the dirt, why would you want this on a MINI? I’m seeing it as a crutch. Please convince me otherwise, I honestly don’t get it.

Check back tomorrow for Gabe on the track in his R56 and Todd in St. Louis. Plus, a short update from Robert in Toronto!

Woof #179: [audio:]

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