Due to popular demand I’ve decided to sneak Gabe’s recent track video onto MotoringFile despite his objections. He posted it over at his personal blog a few days ago so I figured it was fair game! This is one of the videos from last weekend’s BMWCCA Putnam Park High Performance Driving School that was written about yesterday on MF. We also referenced it quite a bit on this week’s Woofcasts so I thought it might be a good idea to make it more generally available. And for the record he’s driving his new R56 Cooper S with the freshly installed JCW suspension kit.

Here’s a disclaimer and some background info he used on his personal blog when posting the video. Please read before clicking play:

>A couple of important things to remember while viewing this video. For one this was absolutely not a race! If you watch closely you’ll see me giving the cars in front plenty of room in the corners and in fact slowing down a little before and after entering. All passing was done within designated areas of the track after I was given a signal by the person in front.

>BMWCCA driving schools are purely about you and you alone. Everybody is on their own pace and individually come to terms with the track and it’s specific character.

>The person in the passenger seat was an instructor who I worked with all weekend. You can hear some of his instruction and our conversation as we start off but eventually the wind noise drowns it all out. However the conversation continued throughout each of the 30 minute track sessions as we had a mic/headphone set-up that allowed to clearly hear each other.