We are going to start seeing these fast and furious over the next few days. MINI2 starts us off with their exclusive test drive of the Clubman from Madrid.

>Our first impression, when greeted with a car park full of MINI Clubman waiting outside Madrid airport was that it certainly looks different. It looks big, yet is actually still remarkably compact, it looks almost like a child’s toy, it looks fun, and it definatley looks quirky. When you’re used to spending hours looking at ‘regular’ MINIs, it looks a little odd. As you walk around the vehicle it doesn’t get any more familiar, it’s asymmetric design and unusual black or silver ‘plastic wrap’ around the rear certainly dispel any feelings of monotony.

[ Exclusive Clubman Test Drive ] MINI2.com

Don’t worry MF readers, we’ll be giving you our take at both the (US spec) public debut and the official MINI USA press launch of the Clubman in November and February respectively.