Update: Forget all about the price changes to the configurator. All that discussion about what went up and what didn’t… all of it…

We just got off the phone with MINI USA and it would seem that there was an error with the site when they went to update the 2008 convertible pricing. Instead of just the convertible, all coupe pricing was also changed by mistake due to some back-end rules failing during the update.

MINI USA has thus pulled the configurator offline for the day while it goes through and verifies the correct pricing is on every single option.

All those waiting for 2008 MINI coupe pricing will have to wait a bit longer.

A few weeks ago we gave you the inside information on the 2008 US spec convertible pricing. However for the coupes it looks like (gasp) MINIUSA.com has scooped us and updated pricing directly on the site. The nerve! Anyway prices are up across the board:

– The Cooper S increases a solid $500 from $21,850 to $22,350

– The Cooper jumps only half that much from $18,700 to $18,950

Also it looks like MINI has gone the “bucket” route as they did with the convertibles. So while some options seem untouched, others have indeed gone up.

You can check it all out below:

[ MINIUSA.com ]