More from Autocar. This time, their review of the new R55 Clubman.

>The regular Mini did not succeed thanks solely to references to its predecessor and the same applies here. So while there are echoes of the Mini Traveller and Countryman, the attention to detail that has made the modern Mini so refined is still in evidence. There are some beautiful engineering touches such as damped twin rear doors with built-in surrounds that clunk over fixed light clusters, or a pair of rear windscreen wipers.

I can’t tell, but that doesn’t sound terribly positive to me.

>The target was to create a car that felt as good drive as the regular Mini and while that hasn’t quite been achieved (you can feel the extra mass behind you sorting itself out if you chuck it at a corner, although the diesel model’s weight distribution might improve this), the Clubman strikes a decent balance between safety (DSC is standard across the range) and enjoyment.

They mentioned the Diesel here, but did not review it.

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