miniWoofcast #186. For reals this time, not like yesterday. That’s what not having consistent internet does to a guy. But right to it, we start with a little F1 talk (more info at and Gabe’s MINI rides too low. We think it’s because he is driving around Chicago like it’s the Streets of San Fransisco the Dukes.

We talk a bit about Karting before Todd lays down this weeks tip. R53 JCW owners, make sure you are getting your plugs changed (even if they killed the dinosaurs)! Take this service bulletin if your service department doesn’t believe you.

Finally, Gabe’s review of his JCW Engine Kit. Of course you already read the review, right?

Zips are up as well, if you need them. Follow the link below for 186, go back to the show notes for 185 to get that one. Sorry for the delay. Oh yea, you must check out the dramatic prairie dog. It’s awesome!

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