Official MINI Australia Press Release: MINI fans in Sydney strike it lucky in October when the fun-loving brand brings a new attraction to the fast lane in Haymarket.

MINI Strike is a life-size bowling game that shows off the dynamic handling and maneuverability of a MINI in the hands of a professional driver.

Of course MINI knows no medium pace so the bowling will be blown out of all proportion with huge inflatable pins and a wide tarmac lane substituting for the regulation pins and wood deck of the traditional game.

A fleet of MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S hardtops will take the place of a bowling ball.

Sharing the fun is right up MINI‘s alley, so members of the public will be invited in to ride shotgun with professional drivers and guide them through a colour-coded MINI Strike Path with the aim of knocking over as many of the ten giant inflatable pins as possible within tight two minute time span.

The MINI Strike winners will be selected by their ability to successfully clear the course of pins in the shortest possible time.

Everyone who scores a Strike (i.e. clears all pins from the course in the allocated time) will win a MINI Strike prize pack and the fastest Strike time on each of the two days will be the overall winner, and receive a set of MINI Mandarina Duck Luggage and the use of a MINI for a weekend.

A display of MINI Hardtop and Cabrio models will allow guests who have enjoyed the MINI Strike experience to explore MINI fun further. They can even take an on-the-spot test drive.

After the event, all participants will receive a follow-up email including a video clip and photo of their MINI Strike experience.

MINI Strike follows in the wheel tracks of the very successful MINI Chase activity, held in King Street Wharf last year, and reinforces MINISs commitment to providing a larger-than-life, truly interactive brand experience.

The fact that MINI Strike is open to potential customers as well as all fans of the growing MINI brand underlines MINI’s integrative and unconventional approach to life.

While the MINI Strike Lane will be busy with cars toppling inflated pins, at the periphery, a DJ will keep guests entertained with the latest Sydney sounds, and a bar and MINI Strike viewing area will provide plenty of chill-out space in true MINI style.

MINI Strike takes place from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. on Saturday 13 October and from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on Sunday 14 October, 2007 at The Ultimo Car Park, corner Quay Street and Ultimo Road, in the heart of bustling Haymarket, close to Central Station.

“After last year’s amazing response to MINI Chase, we decided we had to return in 2007 with an even more exciting activity, to show off the all new R56 MINI Cooper and turbocharged MINI Cooper S Hardtops,” said Justin Hocevar, National Manager, MINI.

“MINI Strike gives fans the chance to experience a MINI in a novel environment. It also gives us the chance to show off many of MINI’s unique attributes: agile handling, sporty performance and its fun to drive character.”

“There’s never been anything like this in the heart of Sydney. You could call it Sydney’s lucky strike,” Justin said.