Official MINI USA Press Release: In the spirit of engaging owners in fun and unconventional ways, MINI USA has made enhancements to designed to invite owners and enthusiasts to explore and discover new content on the site.

Over 300 enthusiasts and users who have registered as MINI Insiders at will receive an e-mail with four secret codes that will reveal fun and playful features on the site, some of which change the look and feel of the site in very interesting ways. In addition to the four codes sent in the e-mail, there are three more codes hidden in the site that unlock other fun and engaging features on the site. One such code “under the hood” entered into the search field will reveal a viewing lenses that offers a rather cheeky behind-the-scene look at inner workings of MINI USA’s high-tech website.

In MINI’s spirit of “surprise and delight”, the site engages users to discover these hidden elements while learning more about the latest MINI product features. There are select product features that are highlighted with fun and unexpected changes in graphics and animation when the user either rolls over or clicks on the given product feature. For example, when a user rolls over the product information regarding MINI’s engine they are greeted with an unexpected animation that underscores engine’s POW-erful output.

The new content also includes 25 MINI fun facts revealed in the form of the question “Did You Know?” These fun facts appear at the bottom of select web pages and rotate with new messages depending on the information the user is viewing. Adding to the element of discovery, not all fun fact messages appear on the bottom of every page. Some pages have a unique set of messages that only appear when the user is on that given page. The challenge is for the user to do a bit of detective work and discover all 25 by navigating the various pages of the site.

“The MINI brand offers a fun and engaging experience through all customer touch-points and this is no more apparent than on .” said MINI USA marketing Manager Trudy Hardy. “With these web enhancements we are inviting users to come explore what is new on the site in a fun and unconventional way. And of course there will be more exciting things to come on as we prepare for the launch of the MINI Clubman, our next new model arriving early next year.”