miniWe are back with the first of 2 new shows for you this week. For those of you that missed it, we did the show live via TalkShoe. It worked pretty good so we might do it again.

Gabe’s intro is back! Isn’t it awesome? There is more musical madness going on tonight, so pay attention.

We start with some discussion about the interview we posted last week and how we think the Clubman is going to affect production. What do you think? Leave a note below. We also discuss a bit about things that may or may not have happened during MINI United. And, so it is known, the seat mechanism on the R56 works flawlessly! I can totally vouch for that if need be. So can Gabe.

And, of course, news of the week from

By the way, it wasn’t my driving.

These will also be the last shows for a bit that I do the recording. HONEST. I know that the last few shows haven’t sounded as good as you are used to. I keep trying to give Todd a break from having to do it all the time but the results are less than you or I like.

Woofcast #190: [audio:]

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