This is the first Australian review we’ve seen yet. Although review might be a loose term as nowhere can I can any mention if actual driving experiences. Our money is on this being nothing more than a re-written press release with no attribution.

>The resulting acceleration improvement over the standard 2007 MINI Cooper S is significant.

>The 0-100 km/h time for the six-speed manual transmission model drops from a brisk 7.1 seconds to a rapid-fire 6.8 seconds, while in-gear acceleration is also improved.

>A MINI Cooper S equipped with the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit will rush from 80-120 km/h in just 5.3 seconds in fourth gear (5.5 seconds in a standard MINI Cooper S). The same 80-120 km/h acceleration takes 6.6 seconds in fifth gear (7.0 standard car) and 7.6 seconds in sixth gear (8.0), underlining the low and mid-range boost the new turbocharged engine delivers.

>Compared with the standard MINI Cooper S, top speed is now 232 km/h (145 mph), up from 225 km/h (where legal).

>Fuel consumption and emissions are unchanged from the standard MINI Cooper S according to the European composite cycle test. The John Cooper Works equipped MINI Cooper S will return 6.9 l/100 km on the test cycle and emit just 164 g/km of CO2.

Not bad info but it reads pretty close to the US JCW press release the more you read. You can decide for yourself below:

[ New MINI gets a John Cooper Works Tune Up ]