2007-mini-cooper-s-i0008.jpgI’m sure we won’t see many more reviews of the Convertible before the refresh. And, after reading this one, that refresh couldn’t happen soon enough.

>Dropping the top on this car is easy. Just leave your finger pressed on a button for about fifteen seconds, and that’s it. It’s pretty hot this week, and when the top is down, the climate control has a hard time cooling the lower portion of the cabin. When the top is up, it’s better.

Climate control with the top down? I can only wonder if the windows were rolled up as well.

>On the highway, though, this Cooper cabriolet is noisy. The engine spins at over 3,000 rpm while driving at 110 km/h, and with the wind noise (top up or down), the cacophony becomes tiring after a while. Let’s just say that if I was driving down to Old Orchard Beach, I’d think twice or even three times before choosing this car to get there.

I don’t think they hated this MINI, but I also don’t think they were huge fans.

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