2008 model year prices are finally here for the US market and as you would expect, we’ve got all your bases covered. First off the 2008 model year officially starts for the US with December builds. This is primarily a by-product of the Clubman coming online this fall so don’t expect a similar timeline for the 2009 model year. But we’ll talk more about that later. Right, so let’s get to it:

2008 R56 (coupe)

2008 MINI R56 Pricing Old price Price increase New price D&H Charge New total price
’08 R56 Cooper (Coupe) $18,050 $0 $18,050 $650 $18,700
’08 R56 Cooper S (Coupe) $21,200 $0 $21,200 $650 $21,850

Yes you read right – no price base increase for 2008. However there are some subtle price increases elsewhere. Like MINI USA did with the 2008 convertibles, Coupes will have the same price increasing affecting options and packages.

2008 R55 Clubman

Okay here’s a new one. We’re going to hold-off on reporting pricing until after LA. Why? Because we like those guys over at MINI USA and we don’t want to ruin their surprise. Oh and because we don’t know it yet. We’ve heard a very strong (and probable) rumor of what it will be but we’re only reporting facts here and also want to allow MINI USA a chance to get all the publicity they can get with their official announcement at the LA Autoshow. An unofficial number probably wouldn’t do anyone any good. However, the second we see the number elsewhere on the web, you can be sure our post will go live with all the info.

Of course MF readers probably already have a pretty good idea what to expect based on our previous reporting on the topic (hint: somewhere in between the coupe and convertible).

That said we can share one little nugget: all pre-specced US Clubman (not Clubmen!) will come with the Cold Weather package at no extra charge. Think of it as a launch edition special.

2008 Packages

As we mentioned, MINI USA has raised the prices of a couple of options and altered and/or eliminated packages (with the main three packages getting $100 price increases). Let’s take a look at what has changed (this applies to both the R55 and R56):

Sport Package

The $1500 Sport Package (as mentioned above – up $100) now includes the Sport Suspension and EXCLUDES Xenon headlights for all models of the R56. On the R55 however, both will be part of the package along with all the extra normal options.

Premium Package

The $1500 Premium Package has also changed slightly. Gone are the Multi-Function steering wheels (leather or wood). You can now either get them with the Convience Package or as an a la carte option. In its place will be the MINI Hi-Fi stereo. This applies to both the R55 and R56. All other options remain the same.

Convenience Package

The Convenience Package (also now $1500) has been improved somewhat by the addition of the leather MFSW. Otherwise things are pretty much the same with one exception – the addition of the USB port that comes with the normal Bluetooth prep. The USB port will interface with “approved” mobile devices. I’m told that includes the iPhone. However you’ll want to be sure to check wireless4mini.com for all the details on support devices.

And yes, you can still get Bluetooth prep and USB port separate (option code 6ND) for $500. This replaces the old Bluetooth prep option (option code 644) and doesn’t come with the armrest.

Hyper Sport Package

The Hyper Sport package is dead (moment of silence for that hideous body kit). But both options live on. The body-kit and Sport suspension can still be ordered individually – the sport suspension now being part of the “Sport Package”. The “factory” or “MINI” aero-kit (not the JCW aero-kit) still sells for $1250. The JCW aero-kit is still a dealer or VPC only accessory.

Audio Package

Also gone is the “Audio Package”. Like the Hyper Sport, all of the Audio Package contents (Sirius, HD Radio, and the MINI Hi-Fi) are available a la carte.

Cold Weather Package

The Cold Weather package has gone to $500 and now INCLUDES Power Folding mirrors along with heated seats, mirrors and washer jets. This is a nice savings over ordering these options in 2007.

Other changes:

– Cloth Leather stays at $1000
– Gravity and Punch Leather goes up to $1500
– The premium “Lounge” leather is now an even $2000 (up $100)
– Premium dashes are no charge if you order leather
– Driver-side auto-up window is still planned but will be delayed slightly

That’s it for now. We’ll have the official MINI USA Clubman pricing right around the official introduction at the L.A. Autoshow.

2008 R52 Convertible:

In its final year of production, MINI USA is staying the course and will not being raising MINI Convertible prices for 2008. Here’s the full pricing run-down for the R52 in its last year of production:

– 2008 Cooper Convertible = $21,950+ $650 D&H= $22,600
– 2008 Cooper S Convertible = $25,400+ $650 D&H=$26,050

Option and packages pretty much mirror what is reported above for the Coupe and Clubman. For more info, check out our previous post on the R52 US market pricing below.

As always, when it comes to pricing and options availability, please check with your local MINI dealer on the last word.


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