The leading industry news source talks about sales, Motor-Tober events and even guesses a bit on the Clubman pricing. Here’s an excerpt:

>Mini offers no discounts or special leases. The new-generation Cooper has been on sale since February, and sales have set records for five straight months. But that doesn’t stop Mini USA from holding special events to engage current owners and attract new ones. The latest: declaring October “Motor-Tober.”

>About 62 percent of Mini’s 82 dealers are staging events – including Halloween costume parties and racetrack driving – throughout the month to get prospects into cars for test drives. Mini has launched a multimedia marketing effort to support the campaign with print, Internet and radio advertising as well as dealer materials.

>Mini is trying to bring more people to the brand as it prepares the launch of the Clubman in February. Last week, Mini dealers were at an international dealer meeting in Berlin where they drove the Clubman.

>The Clubman is a small wagon, but it is 9.5 inches longer than the Cooper and has unique side and rear doors.

>Jim McDowell, Mini USA vice president, expects the Clubman to be about 20 percent of Mini’s total sales – about 800 cars a month. Pricing has not yet been released.

>Mini sources suggest the Clubman will start at about $20,650 including shipping, putting it between the Cooper hardtop and Cooper convertible.

We’ll have more on official MINI USA Clubman pricing soon. You can read more below:

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