The lads at Autoblog finally got their chance to spend a week with the R56 MCS. Or course, they weren’t big fans of some of the interior treatments.

>While fit and finish is par for the BMW course, our only gripe with the materials was the water bottle-grade plastic used for the automated air-con controls and CD slot surround.

But, other than the normal interior gripes, I think it’s a very fair and overall a good review.

>Above 2,500 RPM, the turbo spools up quickly, huffing sacrificial air molecules into the 1.6-liter BMW-PSA four pot. While 175 hp (it’s actually 172hp as rated in the US but who’s counting) is nothing particularly noteworthy, the way the turbo’d Cooper delivers its peak torque is. Normally, 177 pounds of the stuff twists the front wheels through equal-length half shafts, but when the MINI’s brain detects your wanton desire to hoon, an “Overboost “function, fueled by the mill’s direct injection and variably geometry turbo, produces 192 lb.-ft. of twist pummeling the pavement with prejudice. Shocking for a mill that has less displacement than a beer boot at Suppenküche.

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