All three Street Tuner Challenge cars have been built and they rolled them out Monday to a few media folks, myself included. Turns out that not only was I media, but also a judge!

All three cars were very cool in their own way. Each team took a different approach to the build, and you could tell in the way they came out. There was the street car (Ford Focus), the Racer (Mitsubishi Evo) and the Show Car (MINI Cooper R56).

Fireball Tim, Hubie Fuh, Brian White and Andy Limon from Fireballed! did a great job on the MINI! It is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The inspiration was an ode to our nations first responders. A car they would use for tracking down bad guys and stopping them in their tracks. Complete with huge nitrous bottle, trick body work, custom paint and a 1/4 scale remote controlled Sony stereo system that rode on brushed aluminum rails in the back.

The Focus, built by Focus Sport was based on the new ’08 2 door and it looked fantastic. From the orange paint to the Sony stereo system, this car looked like it could have rolled off the assembly line. If Ford were to build a performance version of the Focus, it would look like this.

The Evo was all business. The guys from Skunk 2 Racing are veterans of the show and you could tell they knew their stuff. Suspension, lots of engine mods, body kit and wheels and tires that are ready for the track. On the interior, Alacantara covered the steering wheel, headliner and door panels. Sparco seats, front and rear and full roll cage.

Which did I like best? Well, for that you will have to watch Street Tuner Challenge. At the end of the day they interviewed all of us in front of the camera, so there is a good chance you might catch a glmpse of me toward the end of the season!

And, if you just can’t get enough, after each new episode you can catch a behind the scenes view over at Myride.com. You can check out Episode 1 now!