Official MINI USA Press Release: For the sixth consecutive year, MINI has earned top honors in Strategic Vision’s 2007 Total Value Index TM (TVI). For 2007, the MINI brand achieved the highest ranking of all brands surveyed with an overall TVI score of 817. The MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper Convertible also achieved the highest TVI score in their respective segments – an honor both models have received every year since they were launched.

Not only did the MINI brand achieve the highest TVI score overall, but Strategic Vision also recognized MINI as a class leader in the $24,500 – $30,000 range. In their respective segments the MINI Cooper, with a TVI score of 824, was awarded top honors in the “Small Specialty Car Under $28,000” six years running, while the MINI Cooper Convertible, with a TVI score of 802, topped its category of “Convertible under $30,000” three years running. These scores compare to an industry average TVI score of 737.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of this survey,” said Jim McDowell, Vice President, MINI USA. “MINI instills a strong sense of passion in our customers and the results of this survey underscore the value we provide throughout the complete ownership experience – a consistent achievement we have maintained since we launched in the US.”

Strategic Vision, the San Diego-based research firm, surveyed more than 57,000 buyers who bought 2007 models from October 2006 through March 2007. Buyers were asked an extensive array of questions about their complete ownership experience including buying, owning and driving their new 2007 model-year vehicles.

The index measures buyers’ views of whether they received value from their car purchase and is calculated by correlating all economic issues against the quality of the ownership experience. The study measure immediate economics (value for the money, affordability, price/deal offered, warranty, technical innovation and standard equipment level) and expected economics (durability, resale value, mileage, economical to own and reliability).

“What you get for your money,” said Dr. Darrel Edwards, Strategic Vision CEO, “is vital in the value equation. A cheap price for a vehicle that doesn’t stir the buyer’s values and emotions will never be more than a cheap vehicle. One with strong perceived quality that scores well on the value factors will make a buyer feel like a real winner who made a smart choice.”