One of the more subtle but appreciated upgrades MINI made to the 2007 MCS R56 was the addition of the JCW brake kit as standard. Sure the calipers aren’t red and don’t feature the JCW logo, but they are indeed the same caliper size, pads and rotors. The addition allows for more stopping power and increased fade resistance at the track.

But what of all the R56 Cooper S owners who want an OEM upgrade? MINI currently only has a slotted and “drilled” rotor that fits into the OEM front brake set-up. All things considered it’s just a bit of window dressing if you ask us. So in an answer to this, MINI will be releasing a redesigned (and much improved) JCW brake kit. The kit will consist of larger calipers, more aggressive front and rear pads, and (wait for it…..) larger front rotors.

Larger has downsides however. The kit will be getting 17″ wheels to actually fit over the larger calipers. MINI will release a light-weight wheel made specifically for the kit. However there’s a chance some current 17″ and 18″ MINI wheels may work. But due to the size don’t be surprised if most if not all current 17″ OEM wheels won’t work with the kit. And the kit fitting R95s and R105s isn’t quite guaranteed either at this point. However look for a MINI to address this situation in another 2008 product release. We’ll have more on that tomorrow.

Costs are still being determined but expect the kit to be available worldwide in the first half of 2008. No other technical details are known at this time.