Motoringfile Reader Clayton writes in with a great question concerning the Aisin automatic transmission.

>I have a 2006 MCSA and I am considering adding some serious power to it, but I am worried that the transmission wont be able to handle the power. do you know of any company out there making after market parts to stengthen it?

As far as we know, there aren’t any companies that build any kind of kits to make that transmission stronger. It was never intended to be in any high power, high performance application.

That being said, I have seen many a MCSa out in the wild with reduction pulleys, upgraded intake systems and performance exhaust installed. After speaking with the owners, not only do they love the new power, they haven’t experienced any issues as far as the transmission goes. I have found some fairly high horsepower numbers (200+) on the boards and no trouble with the transmission either.

I wasn’t able to find any numbers on max power, but I’m sure one of the fine Motoringfile readers might have some further insight on this. Before you comment, please remember we are here to help, not criticize our fellow MINI owners who choose the auto transmission.