Car magazine (one of the best out there in our humble opinion) has some new photos and relatively old info on the forthcoming MINI SUV. Here’s an excerpt:

>People who’ve seen the car in the metal confirm that the Mini is indeed going four-wheel drive, and this shot does show a different rear suspension set-up to the front-wheel drive Clubman and Mini hatch. Engineering sources have told CAR that the front module is essentially the same as in current Minis, but the rear section is completely re-engineered to provide the 4×4 hardware.

>Don’t expect to tackle muddy hillsides and mountain trails in the go-anywhere Mini, though. This is very much pitched at the lifestyle 4×4 end of the market.

>Is this Mini marketing gone mad? Some will say so, but the Mini 4×4 could be ideally positioned to appeal to those wanting the off-roader look in a smaller, more environmentally friendly package. And with its range of small-capacity 1.4 and 1.6 petrol and diesel engines all equipped with stop-start and fuel-supping cleverness, Mini is well positioned to take advantage of that demand.

While there’s nothing really new that hasn’t been reported on MF, it’s still well worth a read:

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