Here’s a question I’ve personally received from a couple readers:

>Hi guys, I have a quick question for Gabe. I notice when looking at photos of your R56 JCW Cooper S that your headlights are completely ‘clear’. By this I mean that when you purchase ‘white signals’ from Mini as an option you still see an orange bulb when looking at the headlights head on. Now for the obvious question, what have you done to make it completely clear? Did you change the bulb out and if so would you mind letting me know where I can purchase it and the part # etc. Thanks so much.

Great question with an easy answer. I’m using bulbs you can actually buy from your local BMW dealer. They’re made for BMWs but fit in your MINI perfectly (any model). The BMW USA part number is: 63 21 7 160 897. If that doesn’t work, just ask for “Silvervision” bulbs.

And yes, these bulbs should fit in all other MINIs as well.