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A top BMW boss has been reportedly jailed for six weeks for lying to police after being clocked at 101 MPH in a MINI. Reported by

>Yesterday he was jailed for perjury after claiming falsely that his 19-year-old son had been driving the car at more than twice the legal 50mph speed limit.

>He is the latest in a growing number of motorists who try to illegally “swap points” to keep their licences clean or escape a ban.

>Mr Moser, from Oxford, was caught shortly after 7am on May 4 by a speed-camera van on Oxford’s Eastern by-pass. The legal limit on the road is 50 mph.

>He was driving a BMW-owned Mini – the cult car made by the British-based but German owned firm whose finances he controlled, Banbury Magistrates’ court was told.

>Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, Moser, a German national, claimed his son Maximilian was driving at the time of the offence.

You can read the full report below.

[ Lying BMW chief is jailed for speeding ]