We reported on this a while back.

>MINI 37 – Arcade Racer. Uncompromised Street Cred. Choose any MINI you can buy in a showroom, from the Cooper hatch to the Cooper S convertible. Customise it to your individual taste, from body colour to wheel style, bonnet stripes to panoramic sunroof. Race against your friends, or the computer – power sliding, speed boosting, getting serious air time as you ramp over jumps, negotiate tricky turns, and ultimately win. All set where you live, work and play.

Well, as it turns out, the game is ready! As reported by our friends over at

>Allan Nissenbaum, Marketing & Communications Manager for MINI at BMW South Africa says “The site is still in its infancy and improvements and all features should be up and running by 19/11.

This game must be pretty good based on the system requirements. Windows 98/2K/XP, Pentium 4 1.3 or better, 256MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 4 with 128MB (or equivalent ATI graphics card) and 400 MB of disk space. The download is not for the broadband challenged either, weighing in at a hefty 114MB.

And you Mac folks, before you go rushing over thinking it will play on your Mac Mini or Macbook under Parallels or VMWare, don’t even bother. I already tried under VMWare on a Macbook and could only hear the sounds, no video (yes, I tried compatibility mode, 256 color and 640×480 resolution).

Have fun!

[ MINI 37 Arcade Racer Now Live ]