Recently we scooped a few of the details on the new R56 factory JCW kit. However we didn’t address one burning question that seemed to be on quite a few readers’ minds; will MINI make a factory JCW Clubman?

In a word… yes.

The factory JCW Clubman will sport the exact same performance figures (power output between 210hp and 220hp) with a host of drivetrain modifications just like the factory R56 JCW car. But the really good news? According sources last week at the LA Autoshow, we should expect the factory JCW Clubman to go on sale in June of 2008 along with it’s shorter R56 stable-mate.

With that kind of power plus loads of torque, and a longer wheelbase for a smoother more compliant ride, the JCW Clubman will surely be something to behold. We don’t have any definitive word on pricing in any market but expect the Factory JCW option to be roughly identical to the R56 version – which is to say at least as high as the outgoing factory kit and probably a bit more.

We’ll have more factory JCW details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out the MotoringFile JCW section for all other recent JCW related articles.

The photo above is simply a Cooper S Clubman with several JCW accessories installed. It is not the actual factory JCW Clubman.