A year and a half ago we asked you, the MotoringFile reader to name the (then unnamed) MINI Clubman. With almost two hundred comments, to say it was a popular post would be an understatement. Now MINI has a new vehicle to bring to market. The MINI SUV will most likely debut in late 2010 as a 2011 model. Expect the car to be loosely based on the Clubman (as seen in recent spy-photos) and raised with some type of optional AWD system onboard. But one thing it doesn’t have yet (that we know of) is an official name. We know there have been a few bandied about. The prototype has been known as the “Colorado” internally for the past year or so. And some auto publications have taken to calling the new small ‘ute the “Monte Carlo”. However it’s hard to imagine either of those working in the US market due to both being currently used by Chevrolet.

So here’s your chance to give the folks at MINI a few ideas. In the comment section below give us your idea of a perfect name for the new all-wheel drive MINI. Something that will convey a sense of utility and adventure, yet in keeping with the spirit of MINI worldwide.

This post has NO affiliation with MINI. If they should happen to use a name mentioned here I wouldn’t expect to get anything more than self satisfaction and some minor celebrity status in the MINI world.