Another great review of the Clubman. This time, it’s Car and Driver taking thier turn.

>When you start life as a Mini, nine and a half inches is huge. That’s how much length has been added, give or take a 10th, to create the 2008 Mini Cooper and Cooper S Clubman, née Traveller, née Countryman.

>The stretched version of the Mini Cooper had this assortment of monikers during development. In the end, Countryman was discarded for conjuring up rural images when Miniphiles expect street-legal go-karts. Traveller was tossed because it had more legal issues than the others, leaving Clubman.

I’m guessing this review has been on deck for a little while since it says pricing has yet to be announced. Of course we know otherwise.

[ First Drive: 2008 Clubman Preview ]