The EPA has released the new, updated, fuel mileage numbers for 2008, including the MINI Cooper. The original mileage figures were calculated using a test and formula that were developed in the late 1960’s. The new test and formula have been updated to include testing such things as higher speed driving, running the A/C, cold weather starts. Needless to say the actual figures will be lower using the new procedures.

Here’s how the MINI faired:

Model Trans City MPG Highway MPG
Clubman STD 28 37
Clubman AUTO 26 34
Clubman S STD 26 34
Clubman S AUTO 23 32
MINI Cooper STD 28 37
MINI Cooper AUTO 26 34
MINI Cooper S STD 26 34
MINI Cooper S AUTO 23 32
MC Cabrio STD 23 32
MC Cabrio AUTO 22 30
MCS Cabrio STD 21 29
MCS Cabrio AUTO 19 29

Not only do they have all new 2008 numbers, they have also gone back and recomputed the mileage numbers using the new system for cars back to 1985. You can even find your car and compare it’s original estimated mileage with the new.

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