EVO magazine (one of our favorite old school printed sources of automobile entertainment) has include a JCW MCS in it’s car of the year group. While the old adage, “it’s an honor to just be included” is a tired one, it’s certainly true of the EVO “CoTY” group. Along with the MINI, EVO has such cars as the R8, Porsche GT3 and the Aston Martin DBS to play with. One notable absence is the car that has been so closely compared to the MINI recently, the Fiat 500. EVO addresses the lack of a 500 in the group by simply stating; “the bottom line is that it doesn’t succeed like the MINI”.

Here’s an excerpt from the MINI portion of the CoTY article in the 112 issue:

>It is brilliantly throttle-adjustable and you need to use this to bring the back round as you enter the corner, then get back on the power to let the ront drag you on towards the next bend. The other is to trail-brake as you turn into the corner. This method soon become addictive as it instigates a hugely satisfying swivel of the MINI’s hips and sets all four wheels sliding so that the friendly little bonnet is point out of the corner very early in its radius. Once mastered, you can string corners together with dabs here, lifts there and a huge amount of speed. I love it.

You can read the entire article in the printed edition of EVO 112. While the MINI may not ultimately win (I think it’s safe to say we’re not giving anything too shocking away) it’s a highly recommended purchase.