A great MINI Story. A neat Christmas Story. Heck, just an awesome story all-around.

>Finally, just weeks before Christmas, Adele called him: “I said, ‘Get yourself in gear, we’re going shopping. Mother is buying a car today.'” Bill drove her to the showroom at the BMW dealership in Pleasanton where she placed her order. She didn’t want a lot of extras, but still ended up with a sleek silver model with paddle shifters on the steering wheel and magnesium wheels.

>They expected the car to arrive in January, but were surprised to get a call the week before Christmas.

>Even more startling was the fanfare of balloons, a large sign with her name, and applause from the entire staff that greeted them when they arrived.

>It turns out this was an extra-special occasion รขโ‚ฌโ€ Adele is the oldest woman in the world to have ever purchased a Mini Cooper.

What a great story. I certainly hope I’m still driving a MINI at her age. To avoid ridicule, however, especially from Gabe and Todd, I’m going to hold out for a manual transmission!

Thanks Sherwin for sending this in!

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