Top Gear has voted the MINI Clubman small car of the year for 2007. Odd, since after the last review I wasn’t so sure they actually liked it and we all know how Mr. Clarkson feels. I’m also pretty sure that on the last show of the year, they tried to vote it worst car of the year, and the ugliest.

At least the Clubman is in good company with the Audio R8, Nissan GT-R and the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.

>’There’s no avoiding the conclusion that this car is, of course, wildly over-complex. But, in the right environment or with the right driver, the Mini in Clubman form remains a draw. This is still a Mini and yet it’s also something fresh. And you know what? That’s enough.’

[ TG Awards ’07 – MINI Clubman ]