Four months ago we brought you news that MINI USA was actively trying to assess the viability of bringing the MINI Challenge race car to the US. At the time we asked all those potentially interested in putting their money where their mouths were to contact MINI USA directly and encourage them to bring MINI Challenge car to the US. Apparently it worked.

Over the past week we’ve heard from a couple sources that the wheels are now in motion to debut the US version of the racer at the New York Auto Show.

Things are still a little foggy but it would seem that the race car will be available at around half of the MINI dealers nationwide and will retail for close to the current Euro/Dollar exchange rate – around $65,000. A dealer close to the situation went onto say that they’re not sure how many people will be interested in a $60k+ car that isn’t street legal but it’ll be cool to have it on the sales floor… if it happens.

Naturally we’ll have more info as we get it. And for those who might have missed all the technical details of the car (among other news), be sure to check out the links below.


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