“Ask MotoringFile” week continues with this question from Brian:

>R57, not hearing much. Will the JCW Kits for the R56 be avaiable in 09 when the R57 is released?

MINI will not miss a chance to sell JCW accessories and engine kits to those who want a soft-top over a hardtop. Thus the R57 (aka the redesigned 2009 MINI convertible) will indeed be available with the dealer installed JCW Tuning Kit. We don’t have any information yet as to the factory JCW package availability on the convertible but we would be shocked to see it kept off the car considering it will be available on both the Coupe and the Clubman on the first days of its launch this June.

However one thing that most likely won’t be available to 2009 Convertible owners will be the exceptional (and for our money the best OEM upgrade) JCW Suspension kit. As in the R52 convertible, the suspension likely will prove to be just too stiff for the body structure.

Look for the R57 to debut in March of 2009 worldwide.