This next edition of Ask MotoringFile comes from Chris:

>I’m considering r56 s with the JCW engine upgrade. Would like to know about ride/comfort? I don’t plan to track the car and it will be  an everyday driver (combination of local roads/interstate). How does it compare to WRX/VW GTI ?? Not looking for “cush” ride but also don’t want a ride that is track hard and requires dodging every pothole or pavement irregularity I see.

By June of this year there will be two ways to get the JCW treatment under your bonnet. The current option is the dealer installed JCW Engine Tuning Kit. We won’t go into all the details here (you can read a review and see details here) but suffice to say the kit adds power and torque along with improved power delivery. It’s priced just over $2000. However the upgrades are to the engine only and thus you can get any of the three available suspensions depending on your ride preference. The standard being more comfort based, the sport being… well sporty and the JCW suspension being meant for spirited and track driving.

The upcoming factory JCW kit will have more power 210bhp + and a host of other upgrades but will not include the the JCW suspension. The factory JCW car will go on sale in June of this year.

Now let’s talk suspension choices. The sport suspension compares favorably to the GTI and the JCW set-up literally would run rings around it. None of us at MF has driven the new WRX yet so we can’t comment. Based on your last sentence we would recommend the sport suspension and not something aggressive at the JCW suspension.


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