Gabe does a rockin’ intro to get us started and we jump right into our 2 minutes of tech talk, reminding everyone that the great RSS reader NetNews Wire is now free. Then Todd and Gabe are putting Windows on their Macs.

In February, Gabe will be going on the BMW/MINI Press Junket for Rolls Royce, BMW //M3 and 1 Series as well as the Clubman. Watch MF in the coming weeks for more information about that, including a way that you can even help with the reviewing!

And the big part we cut out last week about warranty stuff. Remember, when in doubt, check with your SA. They will always steer you in the right directions.

Finishing with a few questions from our live audience. Don’t forget, we do this on Thursdays and the next time live it will get posted on MF and here the morning of.

Woofcast 218: [audio:]

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