Over the next few weeks we will be not only participating in the official North American Clubman press launch but also the US launches of the BMW M3 and 1 Series as well. And while we certainly have our own agenda planned (including potentially some audio and/or video), we want to know what you hear and see knowing our ultimate goal is to make it seem like you were really there with us as we put these cars through their paces both on the road and track.

Starting with the Clubman of course, let’s hear what you’d like to know about the car. Obviously we’ll be giving our take on the car’s the performance, design and how it relates to the other MINIs available. We’ll have a chance to drive the Clubman on some amazing roads south of San Francisco and meet with the very people who designed and engineered the car.

Then there’s the 1 Series, one of the most anticipated enthusiast oriented cars launched in years. It represents a return a form by BMW many thought was lost and is probably more than tempting for some MINI owners. What do you want to see covered and what do you want to know about the car? Specifically what do you want to know that hasn’t been covered in the European press? Performance related, spec related (including those Tii questions some of you surely have), now’s the chance to add your question to the list that I’ll be bringing to this event. We’ll be driving the 128i, 128i convertible and of course the 135i on some of the best driving roads California has to offer.

Finally we have a date with the new BMW M3 both on the road and through the famous corkscrew at Laguna Seca. Does the new V8 stack up well against the much loved straight six from the E46? Has the M3 grown too fat and soft in this latest incarnation? We’ll be testing both coupe and sedan from a long time BMW enthusiasts point of view so all tough questions will be on the table.

Again let us know what you’d like to know and hear and we’ll do our best to add it to the list.