Today is the launch of – the BMW equivilant to MotoringFile. BimmerFile’s goal is to bring you interesting BMW news, links and reviews much like MotoringFile has done for the MINI community over the past five years. However with BimmerFile, we’re going to (at least initially) start at a much little slower pace. Instead of up to a handful of posts a day, we’ll be starting out with new content up to a few times a week focusing on the larger stories (or reviews) pertaining to the BMW brand.

BimmerFile needs writers

Also unlike MF, initially I’ll be the sole voice of BimmerFile. However that won’t last for long as I’m looking for a few other writers out there to become key contributors of the site asap.

So if you like to write, could recite the BMW engine codes in your sleep and know who really designed the current 7 Series, send us your name and a quick description of why you’re a BMW fan via the contact form above. It’s also important that those interested in writing for the site be proficient in HTML and of course WordPress experience is a huge plus.

These positions are unpaid as BimmerFile will not have advertising and thus will be as broke as a rusted 2002 shock tower. However we can’t rule out eventually offering advertising and a little kick-back to one or two key contributors.

What does this mean for MotoringFile?

Absolutely nothing. MF will continue to operate the same way it has for the last five years.

Now, do us a favor and go check it out!

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