Today we’ve (once again) added a new way to read MINI related news from around the web. Some long time MF readers may remember the old 2005 edition of the NewsRoom. While the site proved successful, we eventually had to shelve the concept due to not enough time to devote to developing it. However we’re happy to announce that, starting today, it’s back.

As some of you may know MotoringFile was the first MINI website with an RSS feed and we continue to be big proponents of the technology. With increased use of these feeds by MINI related websites, many people have found a new and efficient way of reading their favorite websites with RSS news reading software. However, many readers haven’t adopted the standard and would prefer this information delivered to them in a familiar web page experience.

That’s where the MF NewsRoom will help. The NewsRoom scans RSS feeds from MINI related websites and grabs the latest articles or posts every few minutes of the day. It’s an easy way to see what’s out there on some of your favorite MINI related websites and learn about others you may not be familiar with.

The idea of a page comprised of MINI related RSS feeds has been on the drawing boards at MF since 2004 and, as we mentioned, was live for most of 2005. However the original back-end of the page was perhaps over-engineered and proved difficult to re-write after some unrelated server issues. So what we’ve done with this new version is to simplify the technology we’re using while actually making it faster and more reliable for the reader.

We’ve also changed the layout from a very long two column page to three columns and a little more compact. Beyond the layout, the color scheme is also lighter and easier to read quickly. All this was done based on feedback we got from our original launch.

However it’s important to know that the NewsRoom should still be considered in “beta” for the next few weeks. So if you spot anything that doesn’t look right or if the page won’t load or even a feed that should be there, please let us know via the contact form above.

You’ll find a link to the NewsRoom in the top right of every page on MF. To check it out, click below:

MotoringFile NewsRoom