We are big fans of Winding Road. But even one of the better auto publications out there sometimes can get it wrong. In reporting on the new JCW factory MINI, not only do they get some key facts incorrect about the previous JCW kit, but they can’t seem to get their figures right on the new car either.

For starters they claim the new JCW kit will be retrofittable at dealers for around $5000. We can report that this is 100% incorrect. We can only assume they got confused somewhere in between the prevous JCW kit (which originally was just over $5K retrofitted) and the current JCW dealer installed kit which is $2100.

Then they claim the new JCW factory car will start around $2000 more than the standard MINI coupe and Clubman. Again we believe they got confused used the figures provided to them by MINI that correspond with the currently available dealer installed JCW kit.

And finally Winding Road tells us to expect a follow-up GP with around 225 hp in 2009. Again we can confirm (somewhat saddly we might add) that there will be no 225 hp MINI with the letters G or P in it, released in 2009.

But if you insist on reading Winding Road’s article on the new JCW car, be our guest.