Well, maybe not so much about the Clubman as it is an open letter from Jim Kenzie to Jeremy Clarkson and his earlier review at the London Times. Here’s an excerpt:

>Jeremy Clarkson, you can be such a Nigel. You rubbished the Mini Clubman a few fortnights ago. “One of the worst cars in the world”?


>You surely have driven Russian-built Ladas and Romanian-built Dacias.

>Your initial whinge was that the Clubman’s single rear door is on the right side of the vehicle, which dumps the sprogs out into the traffic in England.

>Well, boo-hoo. The single rear door is on that side because most of Clubman’s customers drive on the right side of the road – the “right” side, Jeremy old bean.

They do, of course, continue. Naturally, they really liked the car.

>But the Clubman is a Mini, with all that car’s charms, and considerably more practicality.

This one is definitely worth the read.

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