Lovers of the long show are definitely in for a treat tonight! To get us started, Gabe has a set of Schroth Harnesses (driver and passenger side with pads), contact him if you are interested.

Gabe or db on Top Gear US? Crazier things have happened.

Then on to news of the week from We take Winding Road to task, talk about the MINI Challenge Safety Car, Carrozzeria Castagna newest MINI creation, updated MTTS dates (these are correct), MINI USA sales are up and Gabe and the Stig drive through a stream.

Plus we talk to Agro from Sin City MINI Club and head honcho for AMVIV to give us the latest information. If you are going, click over NOW and register. There might be a few rooms left on the group rate as well. And, check back tomorrow for the White Roof Radio AMVIV Event cast that I do with Michael and Patricia. It’s more fun that should be allowed by law!

Woofcast 229: [audio:]

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