One of our favorite automotive journalists Dan Neil (a Pulitzer prize winner from the LA Times) recently had a chance to review the Clubman. As you would expect it’s one of the best (if not the best) to date. You can read an excerpt below:

>The Mini is diamond-laced Champagne, a piano-playing Shetland pony, sex on the wing of an airplane. Simply put, if the Mini Cooper doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re dead.

>Now they’ve gone and made it bigger.

>…So, is the Mini Clubman still adorable, or does it look like Hello Kitty with a glandular problem? Is it every bit the dancing leprechaun as the regular Mini, or does it stumble like a drunken Irishman? The original was such a singular thing, a 300 game, a no-hitter. How can you change it without lousing things up?

>And yet behold a bigger, better Mini.

I highly recommended read:

+ Taking the MINI Cooper to the Max / LA Times