miniNews of the week with db and Todd. Gabe? Oh, don’t worry about him. He’ll be with us tomorrow. I was, in fact, in the middle of dealing with the plague, so I aplogize now for any inordinate mouth breating.

But not tonight. Tonight it’s just Todd & db, hanging out, talking about old time Saturday morning cartoons, me having the plague and taking meds that don’t work, and briefly on the price of gas. All that before getting into news of the week from

Oh yea, WRR should look a little better for you iPhone/iPod touch users. will be next, but not until later in the week.

Go back a post and check out the AMVIV Event Cast if you haven’t already, click over to to see if there are any rooms left on the discounted room rate and to register. Don’t forget, if you want to attend the banquet, you must purchase your ticket before the event.

Finally, be sure to wish our man Todd happy old day this coming Wednesday.

Woofcast 231: [audio:]

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