The MINI seems to attract create types like almost no other car out there. And true to this tradition the fine folks at Outmotoring have commissioned an piece unlike any other. Artist John Weber has created a incredible MINI logo built out of products we all know and love and in turn Outmotoring has created a poster of it we can all enjoy. Here’s Arron at from Outmotoring to help explain:

>Having a deep appreciation of art and design as well as all things driven by creativity I commissioned John to make this 100% sweet work of art for Out Motoring. It was a very fluid process that actually started one day in the Out Motoring install and test facility at the world HQ. We were talking and just happen to get on the topic of the finer points of how artists know when something is ‘done’ and ‘done right’. Realizing that he shared a certain passion for quality design it became evident that we should do a project together. Within minutes we had narrowed in on a concept and John was off and running, literally grabbing hundreds of products off our shelves, squirreling them away in numerous boxes in the boot of his 2007 MINI. He had a few twinkles in his eyes…. In a flash he was gone. I was left with not a doubt that a) I would see the $5,000 dollars in product again someday and b) that John would do something amazing. As an artist who has created work for many well known clients and has assembled a portfolio of unique imagery, I knew he would come up with a unique interpretation of our idea.

>The charm is that it is much more than ‘just a bunch of car parts’. The more you look at it the more you will see. A spring resting on a checkered flag valve cap. A spark plug comfortably wrapped in a watch. It’s layers will draw you in the more you study it.

Incredible stuff. A big thanks to Aaron for being the catalyst for this project and to John for actually making it happen. You can check out the artwork and the limited edition poster that’s currently available for sale at Outmotoring below.

+ ‘Sweet” Limited Edition Poster (Signed) / Outmotoring