miniSince Gabe is out of town, we thought it would be a treat to have Michael and Robert on this week as a precursor to AMVIV next week.

A quick recap of how Micheal got to be known as the ‘Free Porn King’ of Las Vegas and Robert is subscribing to WRR in Apple stores all over Canada.

Then, of course, news of the week from

As we’ve been saying for the last bit of forever, the four of us will be at AMVIV later this week. If you are going, be sure to come by and say hi! Or keep an eye out here for audio, video, photos and words. We’ll have your covered!

And nowhere else to go for your MTTS news and information. WRR and MF will be covering all 4 weeks of MTTS ’08! Expect another update to come down after AMVIV, and you’ll read it here first!

Woofcast 233: [audio:]

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