Is Alfa Romeo building the next hot hatch? Taking cues from MINI and Fiat, it would seem they are.

>As well as having sporting pretensions Alfa Romeo is also making sure the Mito is highly customisable. Having watch Mini’s success, and learnt lessons from Fiat’s launch of the 500, the Mito will come with a large options list. Even the headlamp and taillight surrounds will be switchable so, Alfa says, you’ll be able to give your car ‘eye-liner’.

When this arrives in 2009, it will have a few powertrain choices as well.

>Engines will range from 90 to 155bhp, and all will be turbocharged four cylinders. Expect the range to start with a 1.3-litre diesel, while a 1.4-litre petrol will provide the headline figures. The same engine will also power the higher performance versions Alfa is promising.

Should be interesting to see one of these on the road. Follow the link below for the full story and high res pics.

[ Alfa Romeo Mito ] Carmagazine.co.uk