Since the JCW kits were officially released at Geneva a few weeks back, MINI enthusiasts have been clamoring for more details on the cars and the rational behind some of the decisions. Initially we reported the car would come with the stock suspension offered on the normal MINI Cooper S. However some disbelief on the part of MINI enthusiasts coupled with some questionable translated press releases made things less than clear.

However based on MINI sources we can now definitely confirm that the new JCW MINI will come from the factory equiped with the “standard” suspension. That means if you want the optional sport suspension you’ll need to order it as part of the sport package or as an a la carte option. The same goes for those wanting the ultimate suspension choice, the JCW dealer installed suspension kit. Like the JCW aero-kit and the JCW accessories, it’ll have to be ordered as an accessory from your dealer and installed after the car is delivered.

Why did MINI choose it’s softest suspension for it’s sportiest model? We’ve been told that the answer is in who is buying the car. For the last couple of years the average MINI owners has been subtly shifting and more general consumers have been coming into the fold. This has led MINI to look at the new JCW as less of a complete package and more of a clean slate that allows owners to tailor the car to their specific needs. The upside is that it doesn’t force anyone to pay for options they don’t need and it allows the car to be more accessible to more people. The downside of course is that the stock JCW isn’t truly as sprty of a car as it could have been.

Inside the JCW MINI will come standard (in the US market and elsewhere) with the anthracite headliner and the piano black dash. Exclusive on the car will also be the a 150 mph speedometer and an illuminated shift-knob.

Other exclusive items included will be the JCW 17″ wheels and the new four piston JCW brakes. However both will be available as dealer accessories later in the year.

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