Auto Express Rendering of the 2010 MINI Crossover

Our opinion of most Auto Express’ recent MINI related stories isn’t high. They’ve seemed to get it wrong more times than not over the last year or two with erroneous reports on everything from the new factory JCW car to the new convertible. However with this latest piece on the new MINI Crossover (which they believe will be called “Crossman” as reported previously on MF) they do a decent job of summing up most of what we know along with making a few good assumptions of what we don’t. They also had an “artist” cobble together a photoshopped image of what the new crossover could look like. While it all looks plausible, the image looks like nothing more than a good guess as to the final design details. Here’s a quick excerpt:

>As it sits on a stretched version of the standard load-lugger’s platform, the SUV will offer more space inside. That means there will be adequate room in the back for two adults – although thanks to those rear doors, access should be much better.

>The dashboard and all other interior detailing will be carried over from the Clubman. But the question on the lips of all MINI fans is: will the latest MINI be a proper off-roader, like the Land Rover Freelander?

>Not really. The SUV will be biased towards on-road use, and won’t sacrifice the agile, driver-pleasing hand-ling for which MINI has become famous. Nevertheless, there will be a full-time four-wheel-drive system, said to have been developed by transmission expert Getrag. Add in the raised ride height, and the car will be reasonably capable over rough terrain – easily rugged enough for most buyers.

+ MINI crossman is coming / Auto Express