If you own a dog and a MINI, it’s likely the two come in contact from time to time. And when they do there’s usually a cringe-worth moment the first time those little paws hit the seats. Pooch Style’s car mats are intended to eliminate that moment.

We tested a black seat mat to see if it not only stood up to our tests but our dog’s as well.

When I opened the kit I could not help noticing the care that went into packaging the cover and the included information, instructions and even a biscuit for the pooch. There’s no question Pooch Style makes an effort to thank you for your purchase. It’s obvious that they are a small company who aren’t afraid to show that personal touch – something I appreciated.

Each cover comes with its own bag to stow it when the pooch is not a passenger. Right out of the box I could clearly see that the seat cover and bag where top quality and well constructed.

My test cover was black with checked piping at the edge. Sporty without being too obvious I though. I read the included instructions and had my back seat covered in seconds. While I was initially worried that a pooch could theoretically pull the cover down and expose the seat back, I found that once the cover is installed it will not slide out of place to expose the seat.

To buckle mans favorite copilot in, with a proper pet harness of course, you simply open the hook and loop seam fully exposing the seat belt.

The protection offered by the cover is from top to bottom and it stays in place even while the pooch moves around on the seat. In fact while removing the cover I was able to appreciate how well it stayed on the rear seat. It was easy to remove but there is no chance of it moving around or coming off on its own.

Both the dog and myself are generally pretty easy to please. A product that is sold for an honest price but a great company and performs flawlessly pretty much does the job. I would recommend this to anyone with a furry co-pilot that wants to protect your seats from hair scuffs or dirty paw prints.

You can find out more about Pooch Style’s MINI related products at their website: Poochstyle.com

MF Score: 4.0 (out of 5)

For some context, here’s a peak at how the entire MF Rating system plays out:

5 – Perfect and a must have.
4 – Excellent with little downside.
3 – A Solid buy with one or two trade-offs.
2 – Okay but there’s room for improvement.
1 – Why am I reviewing this?