Long time new MINI followers will probably remember MINI UK’s Flip Colour options that debuted in 2004. They featured multiple layers of metallic paint that actually gave the finished car a different color depending on the angle viewed from. In photos they looked merely interesting. In person however the effect was almost jaw-dropping.

But the option had two strikes against it. First was the 6,000 Pound price (around $10,000 at the time). Secondly you had to have a certain personality to be able to pull off something like the flip-colours. In other words they had no trouble attracting interest from passerby’s. So when the new MINI debuted in late 2006 the colors were quietly dropped from the UK order sheet.

However MINI has no brought back the option for 2008. Calling the option “Dreamline”, MINI UK is selling an updated version of the old Flip Colour exclusively at Park Lane MINI in London. As you can see in the gallery below the color(s) have been tweaked yet the effect is just as interesting. The cost has also changed a bit. The new Dreamline color will cost you an eye watering 8,000 Pounds ($16,000).

Like the previous versions, I can personally say that the option does truly look stunning in person. However I can’t imagine many people (including myself) actually wanting to drive around in a color shifting purple and black MINI.

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