miniI know I know. I said 237. 237 was last night. This is really 238. Honest!

A bit of small car talk and history for you tonight. There was the Honda Civic, the CRX, and Chevy Sprint. Besides those, we cover a bit of history of the small cars in the US and how everyone seems to be switching back to the smaller cars.

Finishing up, we of course have to talk a little about MINIs and just how awesome our little car truly is. Finally, a few tire tips to help you get better mileage.

And some talk about a few podcasts that we really like. Check the link on the side for the complete list. There are some great shows there, and all of them are fans of the show.

Oh yea, Crossroads was really a movie. No foolin’.

Finally, any interest in going on a cruise with a bunch of other MINI people and Whiteroofradio? Let us know over in the comments at WRR. Follow the link below to add your comment. If there is enough interest, we’ll pursue it further.

Woofcast 238: [audio:]

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